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Borokov Borokov's formula:  angular synth pop, ... work incapacitated hi-NRG, krauttrock with a double 't', supra-freudian elektrapunk, birthday-themed acid house, no-no wave, polyphonic panic attacks or multilingual lamentation.    


Between 2018 and 2022, Borokov Borokov released five records with Antwerp-based Rotkat Records: the lo-fi venture "Eerlijk Delen", the 1/2-live album “LOSBOLLEN", the '2 LPs for the price of 1 LP' "Enkel Duetten" & “Wachtmuziek" and the critically acclaimed "De Verkeerde Fout".  

In 2023, Amsterdam-based Magnetron Music will release Borokov Borokov's sixth album “POTATATO”.    


The band played on stages at home and abroad including CTM Festival (DE), Fusion Festival (DE), Maintenant Festival (FR), Festival Nouvelle(s) Scene(s) (FR), coaxial (USA), Best Kept Secret (NL), Down The Rabbit Hole (NL), Paradiso (NL), Ampere Open Air /, AB - Braindance (BE), TRIX /We Are Open (BE), etc.    

In 2020, the band was part of the renowned SHAPE platform (EU).

Agent :  Franky Roels / Territory : Benelux

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