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Under the Echo Beatty moniker, Annelies Van Dinter deals in spellbinding songs. With a mesmerizing voice, distinct guitar playing and introspective lyrics, this songstress travels back and forth between darkness and light and projects her findings straight from the heart.

Van Dinter started out on drums when she was eleven, played in some short-lived bands and at age fifteen she picked up the guitar and wrote her first songs. In her early twenties she toured Europe and the US with Styrofoam, she started Echo Beatty and became a frequently asked side-kick in the Belgian music scene (Trixie Whitley, Mauro Pawlowski, The Black Heart Rebellion, Bed Rugs) through the years.

Echo Beatty’s debut ‘Tidal Motions’and second full-length ‘Nonetheless’ both received high praise from music critics, took her on several tours through Europe and won the hearts of her peers and music fans. She opened for artists like Tindersticks, John Parish, Amen Dunes and Blonde Redhead.


Anno 2019 Annelies decided it was time to let go of some old dogmas, drop some of the dark veils and to shine a brighter light on her work and on herself. Signed on Unday Records, Echo Beatty embarks on new musical adventures with new collaborations, starting with an EP 'Ode To The Attempt'. On this EP, Echo Beatty sounds more open and naked than ever before and still does her mesmerizing dance on the borders of alternative pop, rock and indie folk.

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