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Frankie, the band who ignored producing music until they built their own record machine in an old Mitsubishi workshop in Brussels, Belgium.  In this gray workplace the band lives its own life.

Frankie consists of stubborn individuals who try to work together from time to time, trying to steer the ship in the right direction without a captain. Half boys band, half mad scientists, the guys released their first record ‘Blubber’ via EXAG’ Records.  

Musically it's more majestic that you’d expect, think not-quite-Queen cabaret but if it came from early 90s Crypt Records Memphis roaster (Oblivions, The Gories etc) there is something about them that could recall easy-going nostalgic hits from history of rock The Make-Up, The Nation Of Ulysses but if they were in collaboration with The Mothers of Invention, less silly monty python, more Francis bacon on the plate…fried, crispy…burnt, black, tasty.  

Their live shows are dangerous and deranged, their microphones more cracked and dust web covered than Dan Melchior, Billy Childish and Ben Wallers combined.

Can you dig Fat White Family, Black Lips, Velvet Underground, Ty Segall, Neil Hamburger, Country Teasers ?

Agent :  Franky Roels / Territory : Benelux

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