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Music for the spheres and the unknown. Meteor Musik is the ongoing search for possible sound worlds by Tim Geelen, Micha Volders & Joeri Wijnants. They create tactile electronic music with old machines whilst exploring space and time in the eye-popping universe that is created and visualized by Jaak De Digitale.  


EON An immersive and heartfelt 360° film experience starring Dirk Hendrickx as a stranded cosmonaut facing his imminent death. During the writing process of their next album, Meteor Musik worked around the sonic narrative of solitude and claustrophobia that deep space evokes. This resulted in the urge to connect it with the visual storytelling of Jaak De Digitale, thus creating a feature length film experience that fits the album. To convey this dark and mesmerizing tale the planetarium and it’s 360° experience of fulldome film projection is the perfect setting.

Agent :  Franky Roels / Territory : EU

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