Namid & Sondervan Webknop 2022.jpg

An attempt to capture a big bang in sound and image: the Sahara and the tundra, Squarepusher and Pullover, Motown in Oneohtrix Point Neverland, Praxis and string theory, Marc Moulins Placebo with effect, Sun Ra and Moondog, Uncanny Valley of the Silicon Dolls , Sky ball in Addis Ababa, man-machine learning, the Titanic band on Das Boot, anarchy in Parliament, modal modules, cyber punk funk and future kraut shock.


No idea how to describe something like that, neither how to record it on tape. That constant, haphazard movement, centrifugal and centripetal, fixed and total loss.

A snapshot in a super collider, knowing full well that what you record is no longer there and never will be again.


But the record does exist. There is a trace of the uniqueness. Space and time curved to the singularity of an LP. Something that cannot be repeated live, and therefore makes you yearn for another one, but a completely different combination of circumstances. To the next impossible fusion of Namid Sondervan. 

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