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PRUILLIP is a new Belgian sludgeband founded by Louis Evrard (Bert Dockx Band, Grid Ravage, Ottla) on guitar and Annelies Van Dinter (Echo Beatty, Takh & Naga Ghost) on drums and vocals.

Their music may be described best as 'compelling', 'hypnotic', 'loud' and reminiscentof the sound of the legendary 'Earth' from the ‘90s.

Visceral meditation: that’s what the self-titled debut album (November 2023) of Pruillip is all about.

Eight songs channeling elemental emotions, kickin’ deep into the internal organs of the body.

A whirlwind of a record, straight to the bone, leaving you flabbergasted and wanting for more.

Agent :  Franky Roels / Territory : Benelux

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