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Belgian five-piece Whispering Sons brings a dark and unique blend of experimental and frenetic post-punk. The propulsive instrumentation combined with Fenne Kuppens’ deep vocal delivery amounts to a constant sense of unease that’s been inherent in their music since the beginnings.

With their energetic and captivating performance, the band has firmly cemented themselves as a must-see live act.   Over the last years, the band has been slowly but surely redrawing their own boundaries and going beyond them.


Where their debut album ‘Image’ (2018) was theatrical and widescreen, their following record ‘Several Others’ (2021) focused more on their greatest strength: sheer, unpretentious intensity.   The third full-length album might surprise long-standing Whispering Sons followers. It’s less dark than ‘Several Others’ and less grand than ‘Image’.  Yet that typical Whispering Sons identity is still inherent in every song, as the band never strays far from their raw energy and emotion.


This new album might be more uplifting and playful, but that ominous undertone is still lurking. Set to release early 2024.

Agent :  Franky Roels / Territory : Belgium & Luxembourg

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